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^ω^ high i'm holls,
california bay area.
devious, mischievous, suspicious as fuck:
the devil made me do it.
zef til death.

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Anonymous: What happened to killing yourself

what happened to you unfollowing me?

April 7th / 3 notes

Anonymous: You have like a perf body and could totally be a model. Plus your face is beyond magnificent. Holls ur amazing inside and out. Goodbye.


April 7th / 0 notes

Anonymous: I FUCKING LOVE YOU HOLLS<3 I know I am the last person you'd ever go to for help.... But I wish I could be there for you. You're fucking beautiful and I'm so jealous of you. But that's not my point... Please be happy. So many people care about you

then tell me off anon bby otherwise it doesn’t mean much

April 7th / 2 notes

sexual-koala: Favourite place to visit, fav food, fav animal, fave songs?

San Jose/ oakland, pizza, sharks, and idk

April 7th / 0 notes

Anonymous: If you wanna be a model you gotta get rid of that belly fat bro

naww models don’t have to be skinny, this is 2014

April 7th / 30 notes

Anonymous: You start with not trying to look like a bum all the time.

good so I’m already ahead of the game

April 6th / 1 note

feelin motivated to start a dream

April 6th / 5 notes

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Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)
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I forgot what my original text was before it was removed tbh but I need to start wearing more color lol
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I have to change my icon now
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